Day Lens Modules (6MP)
Day Lens Modules (6MP)
Day Lens Modules (6MP)

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Day Lens Modules (6MP)

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MX Lens Modules (6MP)


MOBOTIX Lens and 6MP Sensor Modules For M15/M16 and S15/S16 Cameras. (Please Select Day or Night Lens.) Camera and Sensor Cables Sold Separately.

A New Benchmark For Security Cameras: MOBOTIX 6MP Moonlight Sensor Technology (3072 × 2048 Pixels)
One important feature that determines the quality of a security camera is its light sensitivity. A highly light-sensitive camera supports short exposure times, thus resulting in reduced motion blurring. This makes it easier to evaluate security-relevant footage, making details visible without the need for additional, expensive illumination.

In addition to MxLEO software for image improvement in very low lighting conditions, the current MOBOTIX models have a hardware-based noise filter directly at the image sensor. It reduces image noise and delivers sharper images. Depending on the specific requirements, it is possible to select whether the automatic exposure function extends the calculated exposure time, for example, in order to create high-contrast night recordings for web images, or shortens the exposure time in order to display fast movements in crystal clear quality.

The MOBOTIX 6-megapixel image sensors (available as a day and night version for color and black/white images) feature even better light sensitivity, making these the best MOBOTIX cameras and IP systems ever. In addition to standard 4:3 image formats with maximized 6MP resolution, this new technology now also supports images with up to 6 megapixels in the special 3:2 format (3072 × 2048 pixels), both as a day and night sensor module. In dual image display mode, a MOBOTIX 6MP dual camera can generate images up to 12 megapixels in size.

Thanks to the fact that a 6-megapixel night sensor module MOBOTIX camera is now able to deliver high-quality images on full moon nights (illumination of approx. 0.25 lux) without any additional lighting, this new moonlight technology is suitable for applications with illumination levels below 5 lux (in comparison, street lighting seldom drops below 10 lux). For scenarios with normal lighting conditions, such as illuminated indoor and outdoor areas, the available 6-megapixel camera models are sufficient.

The greatly increased light sensitivity of the new sensor technology is further enhanced by the HD Premium lenses also built into the 5-megapixel cameras. These new HD Premium lenses with an f/1.8 aperture are offered in six different focal lengths. This technology, in connection with the new 5-megapixel sensor modules (1/1.8” CMOS), delivers horizontal image angles between 15° and 105° for an image format of 4:3.

Features & Benefits

  • The most light-sensitive MOBOTIX sensor lens technology ever
  • Very low illumination requirements for day sensor module: 0.1 lux at 1/60 s, 0.005 lux at 1/1 s
  • Very low illumination requirements for night sensor module: 0.02 lux at 1/60 s, 0.001 lux at 1/1 s
  • Up to 100 times higher light sensitivity compared to previous 1- and 3MP sensor technology
  • Expanded day sensor module range of applications
  • Shorter exposure times mean reduced motion blurring
  • High-quality premium lenses and optimized, balanced image quality with crisp detail right up to the image borders
  • Maximum image size: Now 6 megapixels for each sensor module in special format 3:2 (3072 × 2048 pixels)
  • Current 6-megapixel camera technology is not replaced, but rather remains part of the MOBOTIX product range, offering premium technology for less critical lighting conditions (> 5 lux)