Outdoor Router WLAN, 3G/4G LTE

The outdoor router receives 3G/4G mobile phone signals or Wi-Fi signals from router/AP or directly connect to router/AP via PoE injector, then establish a Wi-Fi hotspot. The 4G outdoor router provides up to 150mbps high-speed internet service to max 10 users.

The high gain fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) antennas allow the 4G outdoor router to works in low signal locations. In 3G/4G modem and WiFi Extender models, the alternative Ethernet connection is provided through the PoE injector.

Get known of Outdoor 4G Router on the technical specification, electrical parameter, working frequency, upload speed, download speed, wireless network speed, advanced chipset, powerful Wi-Fi booster, IP67 rated hardware, high-gain FRP antenna, and even more.