LUPUSNET HD - LE966 Network Camera
LUPUSNET HD - LE966 Network Camera

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LUPUSNET HD - LE966 Network Camera

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LUPUSNET HD - LE966 Network Camera

Our FullHD top model. IP video surveillance camera with the best light sensitivity and image quality values.

Due to its 1920x1080 pixels resolution and 60 FPS real-time image recording, the LUPUSNET HD - LE966 will prove satisfactory in nearly any situation. This camera is easy to install and trumps with its excellent equipment and unbeatable pricing. Thus, the LUPUSNET HD - LE966 is your reliable ally for any challenge. You can adjust all the image parameters individually (shutter time, real WDR, and sense-up) to guarantee perfect image quality at any incidence of light. Additionally, you can define the values for the day / night switch. Hence, even in darkness, the new LUPUSNET FULL HD image sensor is able to perform optimally. In combination with the unobstrusive chassis and its extra wide perspective, the LE966 is ideal for indoor usage.

The new LUPUSNET HD motion detection

Our IP camera series has a novel motion detection function which will drastically reduce the amount of false alarms. An alarm will only be triggered if an object or person moves for a certain, adjustable amount of time in a defined area. You can adjust the sensitivity (0-10), the intensity (0-10), and the amount of time (instant or 3-10 seconds) required to trigger an alarm. In the example, you see that an alarm will only be triggered if an object moves for at least three seconds and if the amplitude of the motion detection is above the set intensity (red line). 

We offer you a holistic security architecte

Our free APP will keep you informed at all times. You can watch the live stream of the camera, as well as, retrieve recordings from the internal MicroSD card (not included in delivery). If you integrate our LUPUSNET IP - camera series into your alarm panel, it will complete your security concept. One look at the APP on your smartphone and you will see the current images of your cameras, the status of your windows and doors, and you will be able to remote control your SmartHome (XT alarm panel required). All in one! 

LUPUSNET HD - LE966 Network Camera


CMOS Sensor Sony Exmor®
CPU ARM Cortec A9
Flash 512MB
Image sensor 1/2.8" (7,1mm) CMOS
Sensitivity 0.01 Lux colour, 0.005 Lux B/W (IR off), 0 lux (IR on)
Resolution 1920x1080@60/30fps, 1280x720@30fps, 640x480@30fps, 320x240@30fps, 176x144@30fps
DC iris Yes, 3-9mm megapixels progressive-addition lens
Angle of vision 28.0° ~ 103.0° (horizontally)
15.0° ~ 52.0° (vertically)
ICR Mechanical pivoted IR cut filter
Night-vision range 20m (12 yards)
I/O 1 Sensor input /1 Relais output 
GND (Ground): Initial state is LOW 
DO (Digital Output): DC 5V, 15mA 
DI (Digital Input): Max. 50mA, DC 5V)
RS-485 -
Video output 1 BNC 75Ohm
Audio input Yes
Audio output Yes
Power over Ethernet (POE) Yes, IEEE-Standard 802.3af
Power consumption Via mains adapter DC 12V 500mA: 3.84W (IR off), 5.16W (IR on)
Via PoE: 5.28W (IR off), 6.72W (IR on)
Working environment 0°C ~ 40°C (32F ~ 104F)
Dimensions 132mmØ x 108 mm (D) (5.1 inchØ x 4.2 inch)
Protection class IP54 (only for indoor usage)
SD-card slot Yes, up to 32GB SD-card (not included)


Server Name Name of the camera - up to 22 characters
LED Indicator Status LED at the front of the camera can be switched on or off
Language English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Chinese (traditional), Portuguese, Polish, Japanese
OSD Settings Time Stamp enabled / disabled, dynamical text display
Time Settings Date format, time zone, NTP server, synchronised with your PC, manual
User management Anonymous login on / off, add user, user list
Admin options Firmware update, reboot, factory default, export and inport configuration files


Network protocol IPv6, IPv4, HTTP, HTTPS, SNMP, QoS/DSCP, Access list, IEEE 802.1X, RTSP, TCP/ IP, UDP, SMTP, FTP, PPPoE, DHCP, DDNS, NTP, UPnP, 3GPP, SAMBA, Bonjour
Ethernet connection Yes, 10/100 Base-T
Wireless -
Encryption (WLAN) -
IP options IP assignment via webbrowser or seperate IP Finder (DHCP / static), IPv6 assignment (DHCP), Port assignment (HTTP & HTTPS), UPnP (Portforwarding / HTTPS / RTSP), RTSP Server (Authentification / start port / end port), Multicast Streaming (2 Streams), ONVIF (v.2.20, v.1.01, off, security, RTSP), Bonjour, Link Layer Topology Disconvery (LLTD)
PPPoE PPPoE username and password, send mail after PPPoE dialed
DDNS On / off, supported provider:,,,,,, IPTECNO DDNS
HTTPS Request / show certificate, Connection Types (HTTP / HTTPS, both)
SNMP Simple Network Management Protokoll (IPX Novell /NetWare, AppleTalk), Versions: SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, SNMPv3 (SNMPv1/v2c Trap)
IP access list Allow / Deny access of up to 10 IPv4 addresses
QoS/DSCP Quality of Service / Differentiated Services
IEEE 802.1x Authentification and autorisation, CA certificate / client certificate / client private key
Server options Mail settings (TLS / SSL) with JPG image, FTP settings (Port / Path), SAMBA (Network storage) with JPG image or up to 15 seconds AVI-video

A/V Settings

Image settings Privacy mask (up to 3 areas), image settings (Brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, sharpness, AGC, shutter time (Shutter), Sens-Up, D-WDR, video orientation (flip / mirror), day & night (light sensor mode, time mode, day, night, synchronise with DI input), IR LED on/off, denoise 3D and 2D
Video settings Video system (PAL/NTSC), Stream 1 and 2: resolution, profile, quality, video bitrate, video frame rate, GOP size, video format (H.264/JPEG), RTSP path, 3GPP streaming settings
Audio IP camera to PC (enabled/disabled), Audio type: G.711 (64Kbit), G.726 (24Kbit), G.726 (32Kbit), Volume (Microphone input / Line out)
Live video stream options Image size (default, 1/2, x1, x2), Streaming channel (1, 2), Audiochat (on, off), Relay out (on, off), right click menu (snapshot, start / stop local record, mute, full screen, digital zoom 0-400%, frame buffer)

Event Settings

Video analysis Tampering detection, face detection, DBS
Motion detection 3 areas with 10 adjustable sensitivity levels
Minimal motion duration to trigger an alarm
Motion intensity is displayed live (Graph)
Motion setting E-Mail (image or 15 seconds video attachment), 
FTP (image or 15 seconds video attachment),
Relay activation, 
Save on SD card (image or 15 seconds video attachment), 
SAMBA (image or 15 seconds video attachment), 
motion notify to HTTP server (e.g. SMS dispatch, 3 areas selectable)
Pre and postalarm Prealarm 0 - 5 seconds, postalarm 0 - 10 seconds
Backup In case of a network disruption, you can save on the SD card
Network IP check Checks if an internet connection is established. If connection is lost, you can save on the SD card
Schedule Tabular (Mo-So, 0-24h)
Snapshot enabled / disabled, interval 1 - 50000 seconds, free choice of file name, overwrite option for FTP upload on/off
Save/send snapshots to E-Mail account, FTP, SD card, Samba
I/O-options Sensor input (5V open / close), N.O./N.C. selectable, send to email, schedule
Action at sensor input E-Mail (image or 15 seconds video attachment),
FTP (image or 15 seconds video attachment), 
Relay activation, 
Save on SD card (image or 15 seconds video attachment), 
SAMBA (image or 15 seconds video attachment), 
motion notify to HTTP server (e.g. SMS dispatch, 3 areas selectable)
Relay switch Modes: On/Off switch, time controlled (1-60 seconds)
Log List System Logs, Motion Detection Logs, I/O Logs All Logs
SD card SD content, Auto deletion
Software- / NVR- / NAS-Support Alnet, Artec, go1984, QNAP, Synology, Aver, Logilink, Geovision, Milestone (as well as all other that support ONVIF 2.10)

System requirements

Operating system Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Windows 7, Microsoft IE 6.0 or later
Recomended hardware Intel Dual Core 1.66G, RAM: 1024MB, grafic board: 128MB
Required hardware Intel-C 2,8G, RAM:512MB, grafic board: 64MB


LUPUSNET HD Network camera LE966 Software LUPUSNET HD Lite
Manual Quick User Manual for the camera, manual for the software and camera on CD
Mains adapter 12V 1A