LUPUSEC - Scenario Switch V2
LUPUSEC - Scenario Switch V2

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LUPUSEC - Scenario Switch V2

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LUPUSEC - Scenario Switch V2

LUPUSEC – Scenario switch for XT2 Plus

Rollläden von ueberall steuern

Simple home automatization
The clever switch for your smart home

The LUPUSEC - wireless scenario switch allows you to trigger your home automation rules. It functions like a light switch; just press the button. You do not need to hassle with any wiring - simply glue or bolt the scenario switch on a wall and connect it wirelessly to your XT2 alarm panel.

LUPUSEC XT2 Smarthome Alarmanlage
The LUPUSEC alarm system
Broad expandability - The LUPUSEC alarm system:

We offer a wide variety of sensors and accessories that you can control and programm in your smart home alarm system. You can intigrate door contacts, IP cameras, motion detectors, mechanical and magnetic locks, shutter relays, and heating controls with just a view easy clicks to your smart home alarm panel.