LUPUSEC - PIR motion detector V2
LUPUSEC - PIR motion detector V2

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LUPUSEC - PIR motion detector V2

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Wireless motion detector for your LUPUSEC smart home alarm panel

The LUPUSEC-XT PIR motion detector is triggered by any change in the temperature field. Hence, it alarms you if anyone moves in its field of vision. Simply install the motion detector at the location you want to secure.

If installed correctly, in a height of about 1.8 – 2 meters (5.9 – 6.5 feet), the motion detector registers any movement of persons in a range of up to 12 meters (13 yards). The angle of vision of this motion detector is 110°. Please do not aim the motion detector on sources of heat, such as, radiators or windows. If you need to secure such locations, please use our dual way motion detector (Item No. 12034).

Like our other alarm sensors, the PIR motion detector is battery powered, features a tampering protection at its back, and is connected wirelessly to your alarm panel. Thus, you can simply screw or glue it against any wall or ceiling of your choice. A corner mount bracket and mounting material is included. Since the PIR motion detector is wireless, you do not need to hassle with any wiring: Simply install the motion detector and connect it wirelessly with the alarm panel – it’s as simple as that!

LUPUSEC - PIR motion detector V2

Technical data:

Horizontal detection angle 110°
Dimensions 45 x 62 x 94mm (DxWxH)
1.77 x 2.44 x 3.7 inches (DxWxH)
Weight 0.08 kg
0.17 lbs
Detection method Thermal field measurement up to 12m (13 yards)
Sensor type PIR Passive Infrared
Tampering protection Yes
Tampering protection of the sensors displayed in the web interface Yes
Status checked by the alarm panel Yes
Status displayed in the alarm panel Yes
Battery status displayed in the alarm panel Yes
Battery status checked in the alarm panel Yes, automatically
Radio frequency 868,35 MHz
Radio performance Max. 25mW(14dBm)
Transmission range Approx. 30 to 100m (32 to 109 yards) depending on the local conditions
Modulation FM
Mounting options Screwing or gluing in 1.8 - 2m (1.9 - 2.1 yards) height
Power supply 3V Lithium battery (CR123)
Average battery life Approx. 4 years (at 20 motions a day)
Place of installation Walls, corners, etc.
Only indoors
Conforms to the following standards CE, FCC, RoHs
Certified according to EN 50131 - 2
Compatible with XT alarm panel XT1, XT1 Plus, XT2, XT2 Plus, XT3


PIR Motion detector V2 Battery
Screws and dowels Corner mount