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Image sensor High resolution colour 1/3" 3.0 megapixels CMOS sensor
ICR Mechanical pivoted IR cut filter
Resolution 3MP(2048×1536)(2304×1296) / 1080P(1920×1080) / 720P(1280×720) / D1(704×576/704×480) / CIF(352×288/352×240)
Angle of vision 100° horizontally, 55° vertically, F2.0, 2.8mm
Night-vision rage Up to 30 meters
Up to 32 yards
Stream Dual stream
SD-card slot Yes, MicroSD up to 128 GB (not included)
Electronic shutter Auto/manual, 1/3(4)s~1/100000s
Backlight compensation BLC / HLC / DWDR
White balance and gain control Auto/manual
Minimal lighting conditions 0. 1 Lux/F2.0 (colour), 0 Lux/F2.0 (IR on)
Wireless Wi-Fi(IEEE802.11b/g)
Wi-Fi encryption WEP, WPA-PSK,WPA2-PSK
Power over Ethernet (POE) -
Power consumption DC 12V ~ 4.6W (IR on)
Working environment -30°C to +60°C; < 95% humidity
-22F to 122F < 95% humidity
Dimensions 165mm (L) x 70mm ø;
6.49 inches (L) x 2.75 ø
Protection class IP67 (weather proof)
Weight 490g (including packaging)
1.08 lbs (including packaging)


Live view

Stream selection Mainstream / Substream
Protocol selection TCP / UDP / Multicast
Digital zoom Via mouse wheel
Snapshot Take a snapshot of the livestream
Triple snapshot Take three snapshots of the livestream
Record Records the livestream of your local computer
Help menu Help menu in the web ui explains the individual functions (question mark symbol)
Adjust image (livestream) Brightness, contrast, hue, saturation
Image size Original, adaptive, full-screen
Image transfer Real-time, normal, adaptive


Playback menu

File type mp4 / jpg
Data source Internal SD-card
Search options Month / year / calendar selection, colour-coded display if recordings are available on a certain day
Alternative search via data list Lists all records of a selected day in tabular form
Additional information (data list) Begin time, end time, file size
Backup Direct download via the data list or selection via a scissors tool (individual selection of start and end time) in a timeline
Timeline Colour coded display of records of a single day (midnight to midnight)
Filter options for the timeline All, event, alarm, manual
Zoom function of the timeline 24h, 2h, 1h, 30m


Setup - camera

Profile management Different profiles (day, night, normal) can be activated via a schedule
Profile - conditions Each profile allows you to set-up different values for image, exposure, backlight compensation, gain, white balance, day&night switch, and IR lighting
Image settings Mirror and flip the image in 90° steps
Video settings Resolution, compression, frames per second, bit rate, bit rate type, I frame interval, watermark
Snapshot settings Allows different settings for continuous or event triggered snapshots: image size (resolution), quality, interval (sec.)
Overlay Privacy masking (four areas), camera name, date&time, text overlay
Path Insert a path for records to your computer


Setup - Network

TCP/IP Hostname, LAN/WLAN, DHCP or static IP, MAC address, IPv4, ARP ping, Easy4IP (P2P) on / off
Port Up to 10 simultaneous connections (selectable between 1 and 20), TCP port, UDP port, HTTP port, RTSP port, HTTPS port, Flash port, ONVIF on/off
DDNS On / off, Server: LUPUS (with automatic set-up), NO-IP, DYN-DNS, CN99
IP filter Blacklist on / off
SMTP (E-Mail) On / off, Mail receiver (up to three), Snapshot attachment (between 1 and 5), TLS / SSL encryption
UPNP On / off, customized or default
Bonjour On / off
Multicast On / off for main- and substream
WiFi On / off, add SSID, search SSID, display connection status
QoS Real-time monitor, command
HTTPs On / off, create certificate, certificate settings, certificate installation, installed certificate


Setup - Event

Motion detection On / off, Schedule (0 - 24h), Monday - Sunday, holiday, 6 schedules
Area 4 areas (sensitivity and threshold are adjustable), intensity of a motion is displayed for easier setup
Tampering On / off, schedule 0-24h, Monday - Sunday, holiday, 6 schedules, record on / off, record time after event (sec.), send E-Mail on / off, snapshot on / off
Abnormality No SD card, SD card error, SD card capacity warning on / off, send E-Mail on / off
  Detect network disconnect, IP conflict on / off, record on / off, record time after event (sec.)
  Detect illegal access on / off, after 3 - 10 login attempts, send E-mail on / off


Setup - Storage

Schedule 6 record schedules for general (continuous) / motion detection / alarm record, Monday - Sunday, holiday, 0 - 24h
  6 snapshot schedules for general (continuous) / motion detection / alarm record, Monday - Sunday, holiday, 0 - 24h
  Holiday settings record (on / off), snapshot (on / off)
Destination Path for record and snapshot: local (SD card), FTP, or SMB
  Local: displays available local storage on the SD card, used / total capacity, read / write / read &write, hot swap
  FTP on / off, emergency storage on SD card on / off, server address, remote directory
  SMB on / off, server address, remote directory
Record control Pack duration (1-5m), Pre-event record (0-5) seconds, action on full SD card: overwrite / stop record, record mode: auto / manual / off, record stream: mainstream / substream


Setup - System

General Device name, language (German / English), Video standard (PAL / NTSC), status LED on / off
  Date & Time, format, time zone, system time, DST (daylight saving time), NTP server
Account Anonymous login on / off, add user, groups, up to 20 user, shows user rights
Default Load default settings / load factory default
Import / export Import / Export a backup file of your settings
Maintenance Automatic reboot on / off / day / time, automatic delete olf records after selectable amount of days, manual reboot
Upgrade Select a file for firmware upgrade


Setup - Information

Version Firmware version, Web, Onvif version and serial number
Log Displays the log of the camera, search via calendar with selectable filters
Online user Displays currently logged in users with IP address and login time


System requirements

Operating system XP, 2003, Windows 7, Microsoft IE 6.0 or later
Recommended hardware Intel Dual Core 1.66G, RAM: 1024MB, graphic card: 128MB
Required hardware Intel-C 2,8G, RAM:512MB, graphic card: 64MB



LUPUSNET HD IP camera LE202 Software LUPUS SmartVision
Manual Mains adapter 12V 1A
Weather protection for Ethernet connector