LUPUS 1 Channel Relay with ZigBee Repeater
LUPUS 1 Channel Relay with ZigBee Repeater

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LUPUS 1 Channel Relay with ZigBee Repeater

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LUPUS 1 channel relay with ZigBee repeater

The smart relay for your home: The LUPUS 1 channel relay with ZigBee repeater.

The LUPUS relays with ZigBee repeater allow you to control your connected devices.
You can control your lamps, switches, valves of your heated floors, or your irrigation. You can set-up rules that your relays are switched in case of an alarm, at a certain time, or a certain temperature. Additionally, you can remote control the relay with your smartphone.
Due to its small chassis, the relay fits in nearly any in-wall box, for example, behind a power switch. The relays also feature an input for an external switch that allows you to continue to use your already installed switches. The integrated ZigBee repeater enhances the signal strength of up to 40 ZigBee devices that are in range.

Automate your connected devices:

This smart relay makes your home more comfortable, secure, and cost effective. Just one click will switch off the power supply and save you costs. In combination with a temperature sensor or a light sensor, you can create automation rules for your irrigation, your heated floors, or other devices in next to no time.

LUPUS 1 Channel Relay with ZigBee Repeater

Technical data:

Dimensions approx. 42.29 x 37.79 x 20.5 mm (WxHxD)
approx. 1.66 x 1.48 x 0.8 inches (WxHxD)
Weight approx. 0.03 kg
approx. 0.06 lbs
Terminal clamp 14-22 AWG (1.63-0.64mm)
Protection against overheating Yes, emergency shutdown
Status display Yes, red LED
Status checked and displayed by the alarm panel Yes
Radio frequency 2.4Ghz ZigBee Pro Homeautomation 1.2
Radio performance max. 100mW(20dBm)
Transmission range approx. 30 to 100m (32 to 109 yards) depending on the local conditions
Modulation FM (SRD Category 2)
Possible load max. 2300W 10A (230V), max. 1100W 10A (110V)
Load type ohmic load
Input 24 - 230V, 50/60 Hz
Conforms to the following standards CE, FCC, RoHs
Working environment -10°C to 45°C
14F to 113F
max. 85% humidity (non condensing)
Compatible with XT alarm panel XT1 Plus, XT2 Plus, XT3


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