Mobotix Camera M15 Allround Body, for 1-2 Sensor Modules (day / night)
Mobotix Camera M15 Allround Body, for 1-2 Sensor Modules (day / night)

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Mobotix Camera M15 Allround Body, for 1-2 Sensor Modules (day / night)

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M15 Allround Dual Outdoor CameraBody, for Connection one or two M 15 / M16 1-2 Sensor Modules (Day / Night, Day / Day, Night / Night)

Important: Modules must be ordered separately.

Product information:

The Mobotix M15 5MP Outdoor Network Camera from MOBOTIX consists of a VarioFlex mount, connection cables for the included sensor modules, network wires, and the front element. The front element accommodates up to two sensor modules, a microphone, a speaker, a passive infrared sensor (PIR), an outside temperature sensor, and status LEDs. The two sensor modules provide day and night functionality, with one day lens and one night lens. This modular system, which provides maximum flexibility when configuring the camera, can be reconfigured or repaired by simply replacing a sensor module. The camera automatically selects the color sensor or the black and white image sensor without high-maintenance mechanical switching, providing high-quality images during the day and maximum light sensitivity at night. The included lenses allow the camera to capture 2592 x 1944 resolution video at up to 10 fps recording and playback. Each 11.9mm lens has a 27° horizontal field of view to monitor small to medium-sized areas.

The included MxActivitySensor software is an activity-controlled image analysis tool for detecting movement of people and objects in a monitored area (full image or section). It is designed to deliver reliable results, even in applications with large amounts of external interference. For example, the camera distinguishes between movements of vehicles, people, or objects that trigger an alarm and movements that are not relevant for alarms, such as shadows, changes in illumination, trees swaying in the wind, or rain hitting the lens. Even fast-moving objects can be identified with minimal motion blur. Furthermore, when ambient light intensity fades, the MOBOTIX Lowlight Exposure Optimization (MxLEO) feature shortens exposure times to deliver crisp images. All of the camera's software is preinstalled, so it is ready for use without any additional configuration. This camera is IP66-rated weatherproof for outdoor use and it can withstand temperatures from -22 to 140°F,allowing it to operate in a wide range of environments.


  1. Modular system with two 5MP sensors

  2. Day and night sensor modules can be used simultaneously in the camera

  3. Suitable for wall or ceiling mounting using the included VarioFlex mount

  4. No moving part for a robust, maintenance-free construction

  5. Includes 4GB microSD card

  6. Includes MxActivitySensor for maximum reduction of false alarms

  7. MxLeo technology offers optimum exposure with a minimum of image noise

  8. Digital pan, tilt, and continuous zoom for angle adjustments

  9. PIR sensor, temperature sensor, and shock detector alarms

  10. RJ45 interface with PoE technology, and USB port for transferring data

  11. Encrypted two-wire bus (MxBus interface) provides expansion option

  12. I/O and RS-232 support via MX-232-IO-Box (available separately)

  13. Compatible with Windows, Mac, and MOBOTIX iOS app for remote viewing and management

  14. IP66- and IK07-rated for protection against dust, water, and impact